Posmetrics (originally PollVaultr)

Posted by on July 30, 2013 · 1 min read

Posmetrics (formerly PollVaultr) was my first startup! While at Harvard, Merrill Lutsky and I both realized that everywhere we went, businesses wanted us to fill out customer feedback surveys, but we never did because filling out surveys later and online was such a hassle. The solution, we realized, was to put the survey right in front of the customer, before they even left the store! With a working prototype and a business plan competition under our belts by the end of the year, we raised money from an angel investor and left school to participate in Y Combinator’s W13 class.

We soon shifted our focus to hotels where our data was more actionable and built out industry specific features to differentiate ourselves. After growing to 6 employees and more than 50 installed customers, we were acquired in July 2013.